At dusk

Light earth internal walls are being made and rendered. The tractor helps with heavy lifting. The wetland is filling from the winter rains. At dusk, the beauty, I can’t believe is ours to enjoy.

Light earth-1

Ralf and Vasko problem solving.

Light earth-2

Light -earth walls filled and little Artemisia tries out the ramp.

Light earth-3

Internal light-earth wall for the communal kitchen. The extra wood is there to allow us to more easily affix wall cupboards.

Light earth-4

Testing out various internal render smoothness.

Light earth-5

Installing the hot water tank in the roof.

Light earth-6

Lucky for us it fits through the window.

Light earth-7

View of accommodation building.

Light earth-8

Dear Vasko, our builder and designer and a kindred spirit.

Light earth-9

Wetland beauty.

Light earth-10

Setting sun.