Working Bee

Euphoric and tired I was after our five day working bee. Our dear friends from Riverton, SA came, and friends from Warnanbool, Ballarat and Melbourne drifted in over the five days to lend a hand. Building light earth walls is easy, messy and tiring, but easy. So anyone can jump in and help. The children entertained themselves with straw bale building and built a fortress castle to play in. The working bee combined with a tour of Jonai Farm and Captain’s Creek, created for me the perfect atmosphere and has catalised an eagerness to move to Eganstown much earlier.


Straw, water and clay are mixed in this long pipe.


The mix is collected in wheelbarrows and walked to the form work of the house.


Then pushed in and lightly compressed. You want to keep air pockets in the mix to maximise its insulation value.


Straw bale fortress.


It’s impossible to stay clean.


Vasko our builder and designer.


While the adults build and cook the daily meals Ahlia and Artemisia indulge in mango delight.


Our friend Damien arrives on his bike. During his travels he has come across a Blue-winged Parrot, with a damaged wing. We all get to enjoy the parrot for a day before Damien takes the bird to a nearby sanctuary.

Blue-winged Parrot detail.

Blue-winged Parrot detail.


With the lower walls done the working bees beging stuffing the top walls.


Lunch break.


Dear Tim Tutt.


Straw bale chase.


Ahlia and light earth detail.