Preserving for beginners

Preserving class Sunday 20th of June 2pm to 6pm at ORTO Farm, Blampied.

I love foraging, I love growing and I want to make the very most of what I find and what I grow.

Preserving for beginners offers all the skills needed to preserve the taste of summer, the cool of winter and the red of autumn.

This class is jam packed with information.

Apricot jam – HOT PACK

In many preserving classes you are taught one to two recipes but rarely taught all the principles that underpin those recipes. Without an understanding of the principles you are left always wondering if what you have done will last, if it is safe and safe to share.

Preserving is easy, that is why so many home makers get involved, it is also very rewarding.

Artichokes! – HOT PACK

There is a great deal to learn initially and at first it can seem overwhelming, but once learned it is deeply gratifying, empowering and something valuable to share with others.

Semi dried tomatoes preserved in fowlers – HOT PACK

This is what you will learn in class:
• Acidity; it’s role in preserving, how to measure pH and what the pH should be
• How to determine the acidity naturally found in raw ingredients
• Elevation; how elevation affects preserving times, how to determine if you are at elevation and how to adjust for elevation
• Raw Pack and Hot Pack method
• The role of sugar, salt, heat, time, and acidity
• How to sterilise jars and when not to pre sterilise jars
• How to accurately pack food into jars
• Preserving Organisations and their recipes
• How does the Australian Fowler’s method differ from the The National Centre for Home Food Preservation

Tomatoes preserved in large fowlers – HOT PACK


We will make four preserves. They will be:

Jam – Hot Pack

Raw fruit packed in jars with sugar syrup – Raw Pack

Pickled gherkins – Raw Pack

Tomato puree for pasta dishes – Hot Pack

You will work in pairs to make one of the above preserves

Plums in sugar syrup – RAW PACK

These recipes will use either low acid or high acid foods giving us the opportunity to use our newly acquired preserving principles!
This class is for 8 students.

Elderberry syrup is delicious! -HOT PACK

It’s a hands on class and you will be asked to partake in a range of simple activities, culminating in the preparation and preservation (by working in pairs) of the four recipes outlined.

Arty Fowlers shot.

Join me if you can! Much huge care, Mara