Bread wait – sourdough

Before departing from my city life I made one last loaf of sourdough bread and it was one of the finest I have made. Now three months have passed and I miss my bread. I am trying to stay out of the kitchen as I want to focus on planting trees and establishing a garden. Plants take a long time to grow and as i hope to have a garden established within the next two years, outdoors i must be. I have learned from this second bread making absence that I really, really like the bread I make and that I do like my bread a little sour. I really like bread with a bit of weight too. I am supporting local bakeries at present whose bread is good…of course it’s good! But I miss mine. The bread I am eating at present seems so plain, so very plain at times that my taste buds want to go on strike.

Bread wait - sourdough (4 of 4)

Of course I am going to photograph you from every angle…it took me a long time to get you to look like this!

Bread wait - sourdough (3 of 4)

Bread for a friend who let me stay with her as we made our slow move from Melbourne to Daylesford.

Bread wait - sourdough (2 of 4)

Sourdough with sour.

Bread wait - sourdough (1 of 4)

Sourdough with pockets for honey and butter to fill.