My Neighbour Totoro (Mara)

Unlike many other children’s films, the story Hayao tells, has a refreshing gentleness. A domestic family scene is the basis for unfolding adventures, which are rich in emotional colour but devoid of the intensity of many action packed children’s dramas….

Edible garden - Daylesford

Growing your own food makes for rich culture; it is rewarding, invigorating and full of new experiences. Each year seed sowing is an exercise in hope. You never know if the seeds will sprout, but you hope they will and…

Culture grow

We sometimes think of culture as belonging only to ethnicity. You have culture if you are from an exotic country other than your own. We can perhaps forget that we are all creating culture by our social practices and behaviour….

The best gift

The best gift… rarely comes wrapped and under a tree, but takes the form of wild flowers discovered.  On my way to Isabel’s house for tea.                                …

Up the hill

Artemisia and I took the hill ride on our way to a fringe cut. The slow ascent offered views of gardens with lavish thick hedges. Many of the gardens use plants to create privacy and fencing and the overall effect…

after dinner

After dinner I was full. Very full. So after dinner I went for a walk. A little walk. After dinner the air was cool but not hard. Not very hard. After dinner the sun was saturated. Very saturated. After dinner…

for kirti

For Kirti who has been kind, for kirti who has jet black hair, for kirti who sings melodiously, for kirti who writes to me. For kirti who is mother, for kirti who bakes, for kirti who teaches songs and tunes and…

Lucinda Painterly

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Wetland Detail

There has been rain and heavy during the night. It has made a real difference to the depth of our wetland. Plants on the edge only a few days ago are now submerged. Brilliant, fantastic and lucky!

Cinderella dams: biodiverse wetlands

In our mid 20’s Ralf and I worked for a revegetation company that specialised in revegetating wetlands both remnant and newly constructed. We established a close friendship with two beautiful passionate young men who wanted to increase and protect habitat biodiversity…