Tree Perch
Ahlia 3

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To improve the soil

Here and there throughout the garden, my daughter and I are planting faba beans. We will let them grow till harvest and then dig the stems back into the soil to add organic matter to it.


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From 6 cuttings Sage

I planted  sage 10 years ago and it looked beautiful in it’s second year. I pruned and pruned every year or two, but eventually it became woody and with less and less foliage. Last year I took 6 cuttings from…


The greenhouse, was added to the north facing facade of our home to bring warmth to the living areas, the study and front bedroom. It does this beautifully and has alleviated the need to have a heater in our bedroom…

Diospyros kaki

A very beautiful harvest of Kaki fruit from my small tree in Reservoir. I grew up with Kaki trees in Italy, and remember thinking they were amazing. Tomato like in appearance but so vastly different in flavour. The large seeds…

Brick fence

A brick fence/wall, especially a high one, can be great at helping you create a warm microclimate for subtropical plants and can wind protect them too. However in our case our low brick fence was reducing our productive space as…


For a change or because wheat is bloating you, then try spelt. It is more expensive, about $28 for a 5k bag, where I shop, compared to $13.50 for a similar size bag of wheat flour, but it is really…

Chicken House Garden Cupboard

I hoped for a garden cupboard,  I hoped to be able to walk up, see clearly what’s on offer, grab and walk away, so I asked Ralf if he could build us a garden cupboard which could double as a chicken house….